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over the air antenna failure Aug 21st 2018, 22:10 5 5,333 on 24/8/18

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over the air antenna failure ae9de on 22/8/18
I have rescanned the channels and contacted the Samsung tech support. It currently is maybe 1/16-1/8inch visible above the level of the plastic dielectric in the cup if the connector - it doesn’t reach the rim . Is that long enough to make contact with the female side of the antenna transformer ?
over the air antenna failure ae9de on 21/8/18
I have a TV antenna in my attic connected to the set in my basement which used to work fine. Now the TV says there is no signal source. I have revised my connection to the small 300 ohm to 50 ohm transformer which connects the antenna to the coax and tested the coax for shorts with none found. I see no visible damage to the antenna, the transformer or the coax, other than the center lead on the coax seems short to me. My question is how long does that wire need to be to assure a connection with the transformer? I thought maybe lightning had hit it and burned off the tip of the center conductor but I see no evidence of a burn and after taking the original transformer apart, those wires which are much smaller caliber are still intact. I'm puzzled for the failure to provide a signal to the TV.

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