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Where to find user manuals Jan 2nd 2013, 22:50 5 7,056 on 8/1/13

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Where to find user manuals N5REZ on 8/1/13
I just contacted about posting it. We'll see . . .
Where to find user manuals N5REZ on 4/1/13
Thanks, Guys! It is a fairly large file (297 megs) but I have it stored on my Dropbox folder so someone can follow the link:
to it there and no one has to store it on their own server.

N0NB, I thought about but wasn't sure if it belonged there or not. But if you want to put the link on there that would be great! And it wouldn't take up much of the site's storage. Should I just post it there on or does it have to be approved or what?
Where to find user manuals N5REZ on 2/1/13
I recently *thought* I had lost my user manual for my Yaesu FT-530. After searching high and low on the internet, I finally found a pdf file of the manual I wanted. Unfortunately, it was probably done many years ago when scanners weren't quite as proficient as they are nowadays.

After doing a thorough cleaning of my office, I found my manual and decided to scan it and make it available for anyone who might need it. I scanned every page so that if one wanted to print it, it would all be there. I also scanned the cheat sheet. And it's in the original color--although there's not much color to it.

So, it is available. I just don't know where to post it. I'm not finding a forum on ARRL that seems suitable. Can one of the moderators tell me if there's a forum on ARRL that I might post this file?


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