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Change ARRL email forwarding address? KG6POV on 7/8/22
Under the link you provided I don't have any option to activate email forwarding, and this has been missing since the migration to the new ARRL website. Any ideas on how to get his restored?

When I called ARRL support several months ago they said the feature was still broken. I guess I'll try calling in again to see what's up.
email forwarding n1zx on 13/4/22
I did report the email forwarding problem to ARRL technical support, and they think it has something to do with my recently acquired vanity callsign. For some reason there is no forwarding option appearing under My Account > Communication > Contact Information. So far no resolution to the problem.

In the meantime, thanks to whoever fixed my posts to reflect my callsign instead of "u" followed by ARRL member number. That also appears to be an artifact of the new website behavior.
email forwarding n1zx on 7/4/22
Perhaps I am missing something, and I am a new member that joined after the recent change in your website. There is no email forwarding option in my account under Communication > Contact Information. You will also notice my userid when I post shows "u1000101618" when I post instead of my callsign. Strange...
email forwarding n1zx on 6/4/22
With the new ARRL website, I don't see the option to set up email forwarding options under the account profile. Is this something that will be added in the future?

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