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2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 28/12/18
I built as in the article. I bored the T connector on a lathe so it could be adjusted. Best swr was with the T touching the elbow. It resonated at about 150mhz. I reheated joints a pair at a time, bumping with a hammer to extend about 1/4 inch in 3 places. This added about 3/4 to 1 inch to the length of a loop. That brouht resonance to 146, and gave a little more separation to the ends.

Took a while to get there, but passed all the on the air tests sitting on a wooden table. I don't have an antenna range, so can't say what the gain is. Feels like 5-6 db. A bit lower than a 5/8 jpole, but much better than a rubber duck.

Next step is to try it on the car roof to see what a metal plane does to it..

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