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How to measure the distance between elements? Jun 7th 2019, 13:23 2 5,615 on 7/6/19

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How to measure the distance between elements? KO2F on 7/6/19
When constructing an antenna with elements of any significant size, where is the distance between elements measured? For example...

If I am constructing a Yagi with 1 inch tubing and the design calls for 16 inches between 2 elements, does this mean:

a) 16 inches between the outer element surfaces? Meaning that the two elements are 17 inches apart on center...

b) 16 inches on center?

x...) something else?

If I am constructing a 10 foot diameter double loop for 160 meters, this 1 inch question could mean a difference of more than 6 inches in length.


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