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ITU 2 phone below the band plan? Oct 23rd 2014, 04:01 3 6,203 on 28/10/14
Why are the bands named what they are? Apr 13th 2013, 20:31 3 5,444 on 14/4/13

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ITU 2 phone below the band plan? KC9UOQ on 23/10/14

Not sure which forum this belongs in, so please move it if it belongs elsewhere.

Amateur Extras have 7.000 - 7.300 in ITU 2, but the band plan says that phone belongs from 7.125 - 7.300... There are mentions that the band plan is voluntary, etc, etc.

Its not often that I hear distant stations on 40m in Indiana, but today I did hear a lot of chatter from 7.080 - 7.110 on LSB phone.

Is it acceptable to try to make contact, or is the band plan considered "best practices" and because of that, you cannot try to make contact with that station?

Why are the bands named what they are? KC9UOQ on 13/4/13

I've wondered for a while now why the bands are named what they are. For instance, we have the 20m band, but most of the frequencies are actually 21 meters. 300 / 14 = 21.4 meters, and 300 / 14.35 = 20.9 meters

Likewise, 15 meters are actually all in the 14 meter segment.

Does anyone have some history on why they are named what they are?


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