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Antenna transmission problem May 5th 2015, 14:30 4 4,520 on 15/5/15
Broadcast quality headphones Aug 31st 2014, 19:39 2 4,774 on 31/8/14

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Antenna transmission problem patterson725 on 10/5/15
Thanks for the input. The antenna is a 20 meter kit that I bought from MFJ. It has a balun, making it impossible to visually inspect the connection from the antenna wire at the impedance matching transformer or coax. I was thinking of doing a continuity check on both the antenna and the coax. Do you think that would be a good first step?
Antenna transmission problem patterson725 on 5/5/15
I have a half-wave, folded dipole about 45 feet up a tower that I bought as a kit from MFJ. My radio is an Icom 718; 100 w transceiver. For no apparent reason, one day I was using the radio and was not able to get anyone to respond to me. I broadcasted for several days until I reached the conclusion that other hams simply couldn't hear me. I could hear everyone else just fine, but they couldn't hear me. Has anyone had any experience with a problem like this? Your input will be greatly appreciated.
Broadcast quality headphones patterson725 on 31/8/14
Can anyone tell me where I can find broadcast quality headphones? I want to start DXing and I read that the headphones are a tremendous benefit to hearing soft signals.
Thanks very much,
Rick Patterson

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