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Confused about LotW kf5nrp on 14/3/12
OK. I have it figured it out. Thanks for all of your replies. I appreciate all of your help.

I now have 40 QSO's, but only 2 QSL's. I don't think many people are using this log.

Can I use postcard QSL's for awards???


Butch - KF5NRP
Confused about LotW kf5nrp on 6/3/12
I am a newbie and have some really simple questions. I am embarrassed to ask, but I need to progress.

After I uploaded my TQ8 file, (which took me three weeks to learn how to do!), I see the next day that I have 17 QSO's and 1 QSL. I have read the book and know what it says about each, but I am not sure what the difference is. Can someone tell me what this means to me???


Butch - KF5NRP

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