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20-40-80 folded dipole w6glk on 27/6/13
In a book I got from ARRL they have a clothes line antenna. It amounts to a Folded Dipole that is mounted on pulleys that you change the band it is resonnent on via moving the feed point closer or further away from the ends. Nifty idea, and I understand you can buy them pre-built. Folks say they used them in the military.
Split frequency on Kenwood 820s BBNC on 5/7/12
I heard somewhere when working DX, a traffic pile-up could be avoided by using a split frequency. I understand the theory, but can't quite see it working that way. While a spit would allow the station to hear someone while transmitting the report, if everyone transmits at the same time on the transmit frequency, it'd seem you'd still get a pile-up. Have you had experience with this?
Where to Start CW\linux radio KK4IKU on 5/7/12
Hmmm, that'd be a cool idea for a radio... Find a company to make an all-band/all-mode radio that is designed on a PCI card with a connector for jumpering the audio out to the cd-rom jack on the motherboard. Have a jack for an external mike (maybe even use a 4-pin mike adapter as well...) Software could be setup to use your computer as a radio, use the microphone with echo link, have your computer send CW and translate, program according to the band plan automatically limiting modes and power accordingly, blocking out frequencies automatically which you don't have privilage to use.... I know, the cost would be outrageous!
CW Contesting Speed 0001490792H80 on 5/7/12
1> If they want the points, they'll slow down to 1wpm if they have to! ;-)
2> I'm just learning CW and have kind of been wondering, once I finish the course, is there a site I can visit and do some kind of test to see how fast my CW is? I'm just curious, mainly I plan to use my CW skills for understanding repeaters, but... Would like to know what kind of speed I'm looking at mainly when I hear others give a wpm, I can judge weather it is way faster, or moderately faster, etc...

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