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contacting other hams JeffKD8GIR on 15/7/16
Hi Gang,
I recently got back into ham radio and am a member of the local club. I have been struggling to get my antenna tuned properly because I have not been able to get my signal out or so I thought. Now I am coming to the realization that my signal is getting's just that people are not responding. If I hear a conversation I wait until there is an appropriate time to break in and give my call sign. Nothing happened....until recently when I heard "Sounds like he's trying to break in" followed by my call sign. So the guys were hearing me..they just chose not to respond. So now I am wondering if all the time I spent trying to get my antenna tuned was not the problem...problem is I'm not getting a response. So what is it I should be doing differently? The SWR always reads good. thanks Jeff B

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