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How is APRS used by most Hams? k0hay on 25/1/12
I'll second the public service aspect of asset tracking using APRS.

We use APRS extensively in Central Indiana during bike rides, marathons, hiking events, parades, etc. For the Hilly Hundred bike ride, all of the SAG vehicles are operated by amateur radio operators and have APRS trackers. The SAG manager sits at Net Control viewing an APRS client program that maps the SAGs locations. With that visualization in front of him, he can have Net Control position the SAGs where they are most needed.

On running/hiking events, we try to put a ham with APRS behind the last runner or put an APRS tracker in the back-pack of the last hiker. This is very useful for letting Net Control and the event managers know where the tail-end of the event is located along the route.

But, there's certainly more to APRS than vehicle tracking. Messaging, local info (repeaters, nets, club meetings, hamfests, etc.), and weather data can all be delivered via APRS.

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