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Hi Jim,

At Zack points out, our IRLP node is in place primarily for EMCOMM use.

That being said, if you'd still like to receive CW practice (and bulletins) via the Internet, you can always use our EchoLink Conference Server W1AWBDCT.

Obviously, you'd have to install EchoLink and get your callsign validated (assuming you've not already done so).

Information about the W1AWBDCT conference server can be found at

Good luck and thanks!


Joe Carcia, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager

W1AW on BATC.TV AC5JW on 21/9/11
Hi Raleigh.

W1AW will appear on BATC.TV generally when we have some sort of activity taking place here at the station.

Last month, I was asked by one of the sponsors of BATC.TV if W1AW can be added to its list of users. I responded with a "yes," but informed them that unless I have visitor operators, there is not much else of interest going on here. And, my walking back and forth will probably not be of much interest! :-)

They understood. Nevertheless they still offered us a stream for whenever the opportunity does present itself.

Of course, I just can't "point the camera" at a visiting operator; I do need to ask the op if it's okay. If not, well, then there probably won't be any video that day.

In any event, once we establish this activity and have a chance to use it more frequently, we'll run something in QST - or on ARRLWeb - to promote the site.


Joe Carcia, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager

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