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QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way Jan 16th 2013, 13:37 15 8,089 on 11/5/13

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QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way KB2HF on 16/1/13
To whom it may concern. I have read the digital version of QST for several issues now. My problem is the reader ARRL uses is very slow and awkward. Why cannot the ARRL use a reader like Kindle or Ipad?

It would also help if the reader displayed (or at least an option to display) one page at a time.

I do have a older PC (XP-32 with 1GB ram), so that may be the problem, but I have used this same machine with other readers and have noticed much better performance.

I am not an Apple snob nor do I even own a Kindle (but I do have access to both).

Seeing that the ARRL is to lead technology (arguably in the RF field), it would seem that they (the ARRL) would use more advanced technology. Or if not advanced, perhaps just "better"?

Larry KB2hf

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