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RF Safety Publications


  • "How Safe is Your Shack?" (899,904 bytes PDF file) by Nickolaus Leggett, N3NL (QST, June 1978, pp 11-13). The author seeks to reassure the ham community that press reports at the time regarding the dangers of radio waves were exaggerated and of little concern to most ham stations.
  • "RF Heating in the Ham Bands," (147,350 bytes, PDF file) by A. Peter Ruderman, VE1PZ (QST, June 1978, p 13). The author concludes that the amount of absorption in tissue, which leads to heating, is small at HF, increases at VHF, and is potentially dangerous at UHF and above. See correspondence from Balzano in September 1978 QST.
  • "How Dangerous is RF Radiation? (Technical Correspondence)," by James Kearman, W1XZ (QST, September 1978, p 31). ). The author relates the results of some thermographic experiments on RF absorption in the body that indicate little danger due to heating from usual use of handheld radios.
  • "How Dangerous is RF Radiation? (146,031 bytes, PDF file) (Technical Correspondence)," by Quirino Balzano (QST, September 1978, p 32). Experiments performed at Motorola with HTs at VHF and UHF frequencies refute some of the conclusions about RF heating made by VE1PZ in June 1978 QST.
  • "Radiation Hazards (Technical Correspondence)," (127,150 bytes, PDF file) by Ian White, G3SEK and Roger Blackwell, G4PNK (QST, May 1985, p 46). Authors discuss field strength measurements made around antennas at different frequencies by a group in Poland with regard to safety limits.
  • "Is Amateur Radio Hazardous to our Health?" (1,525,768 bytes, PDF file) by Ivan Schulman, WC2S (QST, October 1989, pp 31-34). Good discussion of misinterpretation of epidemiological studies.
  • "The FCC's New RF-Exposure Regulations," by Ed Hare, W1RFI (QST, January 1997, pp 47-50). This article described the new rules, and the highlights of ARRL's petitions for change.
  • "What's New About the FCC's New RF-Exposure Regulations," by Ed Hare, W1RFI (QST, October 1997, pp 51-52). ARRL tells hams about the rules changes and the availability of "Bulletin 65"
  • "FCC RF-Exposure Regulations -- the Station Evaluation," by Ed Hare, W1RFI (QST, January 1998, pp 50-55). This article describes Supplement B and tells hams how to use it to complete their station evaluations.
  • "The Public's Perception of the Safety of Radio Waves," (41,636 bytes, PDF file) by Gregory D. Lapin, N9GL (QST, May 1999, p 84). This Op-Ed essay describes some of the fears that the general public has about RF and how hams should deal with them.
  • "RF Safety at Field Day," by Gregory D. Lapin, N9GL (QST, June 1999, pp 48-51). This article describes precautions and calculations to make your Field Day site safe for operators and visitors. (330,235 bytes, PDF file)


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