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Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners

This forum area is for discussions or Q&A related to antennas, feed lines, baluns, antenna tuners and antenna support structures, etc.

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Open Drone aka UAV to put up stationary antenna? xof7fox Aug 12th 2014, 21:57 9 7,833 on 23/12/17
Open If I am Tx'ing a VHF GrndWave of how much value is a Beam Antenna? xof7fox Jan 6th 2014, 16:54 4 5,389 on 14/1/14
by xof7fox
Open Impedance Matching HF xof7fox Aug 1st 2013, 22:18 3 6,918 on 3/8/13
by W1VT
Open Looking for 4NEC2 file simulating Trap-diploe 10/15/20 m Ziegenpeter Dec 25th 2013, 23:51 1 5,271 on 25/12/13
by Ziegenpeter
Open New Antenna Mast and Antennas ZS6EMS Dec 21st 2014, 15:35 2 5,480 on 2/4/15
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