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Dog Island IOTA DXpedition Novice/Techs

Apr 13th 2014, 03:29

Joined: Nov 11th 2010, 21:20
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I am 63 miles from the island, less than 15 hours from commencement of the DXpedition. I hope to have the station(s) up for HF & VHF by 1800 EDST Saturday and will be on 10m SSB first and on the Novice/Tech portion of the band first and then AM and FM as long as rates per hour remain high.

I plan to go from HI to LO in frequency to places/modes/frequencies where the rates are the best on SSB.

I hope to have ALL MODES (Computer Modes and CW) up and qrv by 1700 ZULU Monday.

6m SSB/CW and then 10 thru 40M all bands all modes until Saturday evening April 19th about 1800 LOCAL EDST Saturday at DXpedition close.

DXpedition is "Vacation Style" with one DXer on site and all bands 6 thru 40M and on as many modes as possible --all General Portions of the band and MUCH efforts made to include Novice and Tech portions of 10M as well as tech CW portions of 10-40m. I appreciate being spotted on reflectors and spotting websites .

God Bless.... CU on the bands.

Bruce Brady K5TEN
April 2014 Dog Island DXpedition

Apr 19th 2014, 06:18

Joined: Nov 11th 2010, 21:20
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Hi friends....

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for the NA-085 IOTA Dog Island DXpedition.

So far 600+ QSO's. 35 DXCC countries, 36 states, 7 provinces worked.

I want to break 900 or even 1000 hams served with a shot at a IOTA island with no previous recorded DXactivity. Who knows when the next ham will get here by boat only for another dxpedition.

Tell folks you know.....time is fleeting. I am working the General class portion of 15 meters 21.275+ and especially looking for folks who are mike-shy and want to work a rare IOTA DXpedition Island.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work many a new ham, disabled hams, and new comers to the hobby.

Spread the word as I will be packing up at 1600 LOCAL ESDT for the boat ride back to civilization Sunday Morning EARLY. The rigs MUST be packed and squared away tomorrow PM LOCAL.

Dog Island is NA-085 The most rare of the St. George Island Inter coastal Islands and Dog Island Is the most rare as it is accessible ONLY by boat or charter air single engine Cessna. I researched no former Dog Island DXpedition and the next future one is mine.

QSL VIA QRZ.COM. SASE required for stateside QSL and IOTA requires PAPER QSL's. It is their rule not mine from the Radio Society of Great Britain, IOTA / RSGB.

There is nothing here besides beach houses. We have AC power, but NO internet, Cable TV, No eateries, no coffee shops, no runs, no hits, no errors, nobody lefr on base.......zilch. If you didn't bring it with you you wont find it here....

1800 ZULU today......4/18/2014 is my hard DXpedition deadline. After that, everything must bee boxed, secured, and in transit to the only one dock marina on the island to go back to the mainland.

After that -- it's up to the next DX-pedition.

God Bless. Tired, Sore.


Bruce Brady K5TEN/p Dog Island DXpedition
April 2014 NA-085

Signing off

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