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Cross Band Balloon/Kite

May 20th 2014, 22:08


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I have been working on this for at least a year! (it's embarrassing to say how long no money) and finally getting closer to completion.
I spent a month or so just ordering parts (Ramsey E vox kit) and customizing a box to add a vox to my Alinco credit card radio which does not have vox, it was not easy just to match the vox circuit to the Alinco and have it (ramsey kits are quite large by todays standards) fit in the custom box.
I have no money to buy new Woushoun/Baufang radios which are probably equipped for electronic switching rather then vox.
Now my HTX-202 does not have vox either or electronic switching so I have to customize another vox circuit.
How does one energize the the uplink without having to use vox?
It looks like I have to customize a whole nother vox circuit.
This will take forever.

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