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15m 3/4wave portable gives10m-40m

Jul 25th 2014, 21:40


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Portable antennas for camping seem to be a problem for many in my area. Here is what I use. I cut a vertical for 15m ssb phone to 3/4 wave or 32ft. 11in . My radials are 4 ea. at 32ft. 4in. Attached to a base of your choice and fed with 50 ohm coax About 50 ft . On 10m good low angle propagation is acceptable for DX. On 40m you have a 1/4 wave. On 20m it approximates a half wave. Or CW 15m 3/4 wave cut to 33 ft. 3 in. This is a quick one wire up a tree (with my fishing rod and a sinker of adequate weight to fall thru the tree) and 3-4 radials on the ground.(put black tape over one end of each radial . I also use a antenna tuner to extend my other band travels to check in on the 3.970 net. Its simple and often overlooked. This made me a happy camper.

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