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Yaesu FT 102

Aug 24th 2014, 23:15


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I am a newly licensed technician and am set to take my general test in mid September.
With a little luck and a lot of studying I hope to pass!

My question is I have a fellow I work with who's father used to be in ham radio, he has a couple of 80's era Yaesu radios for sale.

One is an FT-102 and the other is a 747GX.

The FT-102 comes with microphone, external speaker and an amplifier and the 747 comes with microphone and external speaker.

Would these radios be ok as starter radios for someone like me that will be starting out new to Ham? or should I look for more modern equipment? and if these would be ok as starter radios what kind of price would be fair for them?

It was a working shack when he switched it off and walked away. He just lost interest when his eyes started going and he couldn't build, repair or work on his equipment anymore.

He has invited me over to look over the radios and discus prices and am looking for some insight into what would be fair?

Thanks in advance Bob Smith KD8ZIF

Sep 2nd 2014, 07:17


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Each HF transceiver has it's pluses and minuses, the FT-102 is probably the last hybrid solid state / tube finals and if I'm not mistaken it a 12BY7 Driver & 3 - 6146A tubes in the final, a good combination, even using with a 2:1 VSWR. This transceiver will easily drive a KW RF amplifier providing good CW / SSB contacts and I believe the components are still available throught Yaesu, Digi-Key or Mouser for semiconductors. It is a 32 year old product but if the former operator took good care of his equipment then it might last another 5~10 years. The Yaesu Xcvr, Ext. Spkr & Microphone might be worth between $500 to $600 if it has the Optional FM Module.

No Model number on the RF amplifier so I won't make a guess on Dollar Value.

For the FT-747GX, this is all solid state transceiver and depending on if it has the Optional FM Module, the selling Price would fall between $250 & $300. You will be required to have a separate +13.6 VDC @ 25 A Power Supply or mount the transceiver in your vehicle as that is what this radio was designed for, mobile operation. Both transceivers are good starting rigs for HF or the long time ham. BTW, I hope you Pass your General Test and start enjoying the hobby. Also try to get the Model number on the RF Amplifier as I'll be checking your Post everyday.


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