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10 meter contest

Dec 27th 2014, 15:23


Joined: May 7th 2014, 19:40
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how do / what must I do to upload my cabrillo log and enter the contest. Totally lost on this issue.
Dec 31st 2014, 22:36


Joined: May 20th 2014, 01:06
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Welcome to contesting, K1SET!

Depends on what format your log is currently in. If it's a paper log on the ARRL-provided form, you only need to mail it in.

If your log is digital, see if your logging program can export a cabrillo-format file. The format of the QSO record is contest-dependent, so your logger will need to support the 10m contest.

You may also be able to do an ADIF export, and use an off-line tool to do the conversion.

Finally, you can simply create the cabrillo-format file in a text editor such as vim, nano, joe, notepad, or textedit, using the example as a template. Change the header as necessary.

73 de John/NV2K

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