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Tuning a antron 99 ant to ten meters

Dec 29th 2014, 05:34


Joined: Aug 13th 2014, 19:06
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What is the best way to tune a antron 99 ant to 10-meters,I read somewhere about tuning rings,read at another sight to cut 10- in off top I'm a little bit confused ,
Dec 30th 2014, 18:12


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I use the Solarcon A-99 for weak signal digital on 10m,12m,15m, and 17m. I also have used a tuner at 20m with this antenna. I would not cut the antenna . I would use the tuning rings and leave the length intact. Simple hook up the swr meter and raise or lower the rings. It seems broad banded enough if you leave it intact. This way you have addition bands without destroying the antenna. I tuned mine to 12m and it work well.

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