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MITRE Corp and Wideband HF Experimental License

Feb 16th 2015, 22:29


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The latest assault on amateur spectrum is of course the result of incredibly poor FCC decision processes, intense lobbying, and lack of transparency.

If MITRE is allowed to proceed in the NE US they will wipe out most amateur HF communications below 16 Mhz when they are on.

Perhaps it will drive all of us to digital everything on HF, maybe that could work, but most older hams would probably just quit.

Of far more concern is what MITRE will try to license next? I fear that the monetization of amateur HF spectrum by the government is a real possibility. If that occurs, well, hams are done, fini.

Every ham organization should be ready to fight and expect to do just that. I would like to hear more of what the ARRL proposes to do, beyond Imlays' actions, once MITRE is allowed to proceed without restriction.

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