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Club Participation

Jun 18th 2015, 05:37


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I am Secretary of the Inland Empire VHF Radio Amateurs club in Spokane, WA and coordinated club participation in the VHF QSO Party last weekend. This is our first attempt at doing so and I have related questions about the General Rules for All ARRL Contests (section 8, "Club Participation"):

"8.3.2. The entry must clearly indicate the club name in the Cabrillo file header."

What is "the entry"? I need to know everything required for Club Participation in addition to each participant's individually-submitted score sheets with "Club Participation" checked and the club name provided. (Is this documented somewhere?)

We are a small club and are all planning on mailing hand-completed forms, not email. Are electronic Cabrillo submissions required from all participating members to qualify for Club Participation?

"8.3.3. ... must submit a list of all club members eligible to compete for the club (not a club roster) ..."

What is meant by "eligible to compete for the club (not a club roster)"? An invitation to compete was sent to all club members (about 130, everyone on our roster that we have an email address for) and then on contest day the few that replied also participated.
Jun 19th 2015, 21:15


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I found out from other sources so will answer my own questions in case others need the information:

"The entry" is not a separate entry for Club Participation, but is meant to address the entry made by each participating club member. All that is required in addition to completed club member log/score sheets is the Secretary-provided list of eligible club stations.

Cabrillo submissions are not required for Club Participation, and the rules just assume that is what is being used. Paper forms with the "Club Participation" check box checked and club name printed clearly are acceptable too.

"Eligible to compete for the club" is a subset of the club roster. For example, a club in the Local category: members in good standing (e.g. paid up dues and whatever else your club requires), licensed, and within 35 miles of the designated club center.

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