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fldigi is NOT transmitting

Jul 31st 2015, 19:44


Joined: May 14th 2012, 19:56
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running windows 7
icom 761
rigblaster plug and play
i have the latest fldigi 3.22.13
80 meter dipole which tunes to 20 perfect

i can receive just fine..... but
when i hit the cq macro (i have the correct qso there) it appears to be transmitting
but i never get any responses....
using 20 watts.... never any more.

it must be a setting i do not have set properly?
an offset maybe? please help me I love this digital mode


Jul 31st 2015, 22:43


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Depending on your feedline, that might not be a lot of power--you could lose 10 dB or more signal doing that, so you sound like 2 watts instead of 20. You may have more luck answering stations at that power level. Around 50 ft of RG-58 or 75 ft of RG8X will do that. You may be able to get reports on

Zack W1VT

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