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IRLP vs Dstar vs Allstar...Commercialization of Amateur Radio

Aug 27th 2015, 22:16


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Not sure what the attitude is about allstar or an allstar node ?

Seems the IRLP, Dstar, allstar & let's not forget echolink dont play well together, sadly.

Last Sunday with the help of my friend Bernie W1BFC we installed my allstar micro node configurations and had it on the air.

Two days ago I checked in unknowingly into the east coast reflector allstar node# 27339 where there was a net in progress via my tablet with zoiper. Honestly I had no idea non radio devices were not allowed, immediately I was reprimanded. I accepted my warning as understandable.

All I knew prior to this was that node 27339 was a place for east coast stations to connect, nothing about IRLP etc.

Again I was reprimanded the following day when I explained to AB2OR what odd experience I encountered the night before.

I agree there are too many appliance users in the hobby, trying to diffuse the situation, however it seems my opinion regarding IRLP sparked some bad feelings.

From my understandings the designer of IRLP doesn't like other modes having connectivity with IRLP over claims that echolink let an unlicensed operator access.

Personally I don’t believe we as amateur’s should use a technology where we pay for its services, whether that be software, access etc.

Yesterday on the 27339 node I heard others commenting about the difficulty of the usb adapter in a joking manner after I cleared off, I have not forgetten who it was that inquired about my micro node, so funny I think not. With some additional comments referencing Daryl from the old Bob Newhart show & VT, appalling if they are that supercilious.

Yes it is correct that these connected links have sweat, blood and tears invested into their systems. However limiting who can access them seems to go against the grain of ham radio if you will.

Every system by technology per se seems to have a chip on their shoulder. I’m better than you, which I find appalling along with so many other hams I’ve talked to about this.

I checked into one node that promptly advised me of their website where it states if you want to remain a part of the system it’ll cost you $120 per year, great if I was going to use it all the time.

In the past we as amateurs invested in our station whether it be HF gear etc. However there seems to be this fad that you are above the rest of the crowd if you have this technology or system as opposed to the average ham.

I’ll get off my soapbox for now, but I find this arrogant supercilious attitude sickening, QRT.

Nov 17th 2015, 12:35


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Hi, read your post and I agree. I have a DSTAR radio and also it can access other 2 m and 70 m repeaters no DSTAR. I don't have any repeaters that I can hit that have irlp access. Is it possible to use my pc to access a node or reflector without my radio or even with it using a dongle type devise that you lknow of ?--'thanks and 73 W1WBL

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