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Aug 25th 2011, 17:49


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I would like to homebrew an amp. Mainly for 20 meter SSB. Anyone got any suggestions on how to proceed?
I have a Kenwood TS 450 with auto tuner. My biggest concern about the amp is how to interface it to this rig. I want to build a tube type Amp. Maybe at a 1000 watt or a bit less. There are plenty of circuits and howto's out there. Has anyone built any of these? Want to keep it as simple as possible.
Thanks N8CHR
Aug 27th 2011, 03:32


Joined: Mar 6th 2008, 13:50
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You will only get away with a certain min. outlay for that level amplifier.
Look at the Ameritron AL80B and the 811 series as a base for costing.
You will get as much in the power supply as the RF section, maybe more.
For connecting to an HF radio, the standard T/R relay does the job with supporting circuits.
The ARRL handbooks going way back have all kinds of construction articles for you to see how it was done.
Basicly, they are all the same.
For a tube, the 3-500 type is about as good as you will get for cost and can yield close to 1kw output.
All the parts are in the MFJ catalog.
Good luck.
Aug 28th 2011, 03:34


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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If you want to keep it simple, built it for only 1 band, that way you do not need a band switch. Also, you could use a fixed value for the loading capacitor, so you only need the tune control. I would use a single tube such as the 3-500Z. The interface should not be a problem. I would use a transistor to drive a keying relay, that way you can keep the keying voltage and current low.
73 Don

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