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Motorcycle antenna

May 16th 2016, 01:01


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Have a LT1200 BMW motorcycle that came factory equipped with an 11 meter radio. Handlebar mounted PTT, helmet mounted microphone and ear piece all there, even the interface cable to use a Kenwood HT in place of the 11 meter radio. All works and works well except for an antenna. As all of the body work is fiberglass or plastic and that I don't want to drill any holes in any of it, asking for thoughts or advice on an antenna to use. Don't want to shorten the 11 meter antenna but would consider that as an option. It is mounted very close to any passenger so if I do go that route, not a good idea to use an amplifier to get to 30 or so watts.
Oct 31st 2016, 15:10


Joined: Jan 9th 2016, 15:23
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If you are still looking for a solution, you should check into a 1/2-λ NGP antenna that does not require a ground-plane, such as the Comet HP-32FHN dual-band (2m/70cm). I mounted one on my 2015 BMW R1200GSA for use with my Yaesu FT-1DR HT. It works better than the rubber duckie. --- 73, Don

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