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Camping and HAM radio

May 29th 2016, 03:40


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I am curious about what accommodations or tolerances state parks have generally for HAM radio operators who get a camping lot and then string up an antenna, put a transceiver on a folding table and run a generator or act in a manner unaccustomed to ordinary people. Probably a complaint would come from a soccer mom who is easily frightened or annoyed and would call for reinforcements faster than you can say Engelbert Humperdinck. We could conceal our hobby but if someone sees a wire or something they don’t understand they might call the fuzz or tell their husbands to call the fuzz who would hear our explanation and I’m guessing accommodate our effort. I don’t see any provisions or restriction about ad hoc field HAM operation by licensed HAMs in state/federal rules…Maybe it is just as well. We are resourceful and we are respectful of rules and the concern of others because we are licensed HAMs and care about our hobby and, most importantly, our neighbors. Like to see parks address this issue. Maybe it is not an issue….
Jun 20th 2016, 21:12


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Hi ke8byu. My wife and I camp regularly and take our handhelds. A lot of campsites allow motorhomes with satellite dishes, and people regularly string lights, clothes lines, hammocks, and other things in the trees, so I can't imagine that a rig and antenna as you describe would be a problem. The only issue might be the noise, which could interfere with the nature experience. Use your headphones, and if operating after 10PM local then use CW. Happy camping!

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