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Battery options for Baofeng

Jun 4th 2016, 05:24


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I have a UV-5R and made my first transmissions today to a repeater that's probably a couple of miles away. My conversations were with some local club members around 50 miles away who said my signal was a little weak. One of the guys said maybe I should try a bigger battery pack and that would goose my unit a bit. This makes no sense to me. Am I right in assuming the physically bigger batter pack will last longer but not boost the signal at all?
Jun 5th 2016, 16:32


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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You are correct. Supplying the radio with a voltage that is higher than the rated voltage can damage the radio. As a battery discharges the voltage may begin to decrease and this would affect the output power. Using a battery with more capacity would allow longer operation as well as reduce the voltage sag. They may also have been "pulling your leg" a little.

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