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contacting other hams

Jul 15th 2016, 13:42


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Hi Gang,
I recently got back into ham radio and am a member of the local club. I have been struggling to get my antenna tuned properly because I have not been able to get my signal out or so I thought. Now I am coming to the realization that my signal is getting's just that people are not responding. If I hear a conversation I wait until there is an appropriate time to break in and give my call sign. Nothing happened....until recently when I heard "Sounds like he's trying to break in" followed by my call sign. So the guys were hearing me..they just chose not to respond. So now I am wondering if all the time I spent trying to get my antenna tuned was not the problem...problem is I'm not getting a response. So what is it I should be doing differently? The SWR always reads good. thanks Jeff B
Jul 15th 2016, 15:41


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The easiest way to make contacts is to tune around and call stations calling CQ.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

Oct 3rd 2016, 15:08


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Usually if you ask at a club meeting you can find someone that can do some tests back and forth with you. Like be on a phone call to each other and at the same time try seeing if you both pick each other up okay on the radio. Just in case there's some issues you might not be aware of.

If you're just trying to get some local people to respond that's sometimes tough. I've had locals that will talk to each other but not others.

use the Grid Mapper on QRZ. If you don't know your grid location look it up first and put it in the tool. Then you can see other hams in your local area. If you register on QRZ you can get their email address. Get to know hams that live near you.

But I believe talking at the club meetings I'm sure you will find someone that can help get you going.

Oct 5th 2016, 20:02


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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I rarely try to break in on an ongoing QSO on HF. That leaves me with three options:

a) Wait until the QSO is finished and then try calling one of the stations. This may require some patience!
b) Tune across the band and try to find someone calling CQ.
c) Find an open frequency and call CQ myself.

Mark AI4BJ
Oct 7th 2016, 13:27


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The advice above mostly applies to HF operations. If you're on VHF/UHF FM, the etiquette is a little different. People don't call CQ, They might say "This is W1xyz, is anyone around?" Or, "... for a signal check." This varies by region, too, I think! It's always good to listen a lot and see how the other folks do it. Maybe you can check into an open net - when they ask for new check ins.

73 Martin AA6E

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