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Attic Antennas

Jul 22nd 2016, 13:18


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I live in an Adult Community and a General Class Operator. I recently installed an outside multi band vertical with the permission of the Apartment Manager and now he is giving me grief because of the antenna because neighbors are complaining to him about the antenna being out there on my little bit of yard. I have an Ten-Tech Omni D that I use and I am getting conflicting advice from local operators on 2 meter that I have become friends with. I am thinking of getting an End Fed Antenna 160-6 meter and install it in the attic in my apartment. Some of the other operators say it won't work and some of them say it will so what do I do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Jul 23rd 2016, 21:20


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Without a ton of loading, a wire that fits into the typical attic won't do much on top band, and, agressively loaded, the 2:1 SWR bandwidth will be painfully narrow, and most radiation would be near-vertical. Those who say it won't work might be right -- about 160m. I hope that's not a deal-breaker for you!

Simple wire antennas often pleasantly surprise me. If you can make more than one excursion to the attic, how about hanging a simple dipole for 14MHz as a test? 33 feet, from end to end, with a SO-239 in the middle. Try an A/B comparison with the vertical, keeping in mind that lately there has been a lot of QSB on 20m. This can at least tell you if there's enough metal flashing, chimneys, etc., to keep your signal from getting out.

Jul 25th 2016, 14:07


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Would something like this Flagpole antenna be more pleasing to the eye?
The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 limits restrictions on displays of the American Flag--in Florida the state law spells out the right to 20 ft flagpole.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Jul 26th 2016, 14:44


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Make certain that the wire antenna does not touch anything. Use insulators at the end of each wire. Depending on frequency, length of the antenna and input impedance, very high voltages may be present.
Mar 31st 2021, 13:46


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You might want to consider a "Slinky Dipole", frequently a good attic antenna if your house is not shielded with foil-clad energy efficiency sheathing. Like WB1GCM suggested, though, be sure it doesn't touch anything but insulators.

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