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Tuner difficulty in Alaska

Sep 8th 2011, 04:39


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An LDG tuner design for the Yaseau 897D is steadily blinking when he radio is turn on. The manufacture web site stated that the tuner is not properly attached to the radio.. I have check the connections and they seem properly connected. I have no testing equipment where I am . The tuner and radio appeared to work for 24 hours a few days. ago.. so the change is present without my knowing what might have happened. ..Any thoughts ??
Sep 8th 2011, 12:13


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Nothing specific, other than to check the obvious, which you have probably already done. I'll say it anyway -- look for broken wires, connectors not fully seated, connected to the wrong connector, etc.

I presume that you are hearing signals okay, indicating that the antenna is connected to the tuner and that the coax from the tuner to the radio is working.

A ham with technical things to accomplish, including troubleshooting, must own one piece of test equipment -- a volt/current/ohm meter. They are quite affordable and you will use one more than you can imagine.

I would use the ohmmeter to check each wire and ground on the control cable and the coax connecting the rig to the tuner. If you have a schematic and can fathom what voltages should be present on which of the control wires, you may be able to make some measurements and using them, figure out what is wrong.

Keep in mind that the "broken connection" could be inside the transmitter or tuner. Sometimes, a visual inspection inside may show you something obvious.

It is also possible that there is a component failure, in the tuner or inside the transmitter, notably in the circuitry it uses to control the tuner. If you had recent lighting in the area, even if you station didn't take a direct hit, it may have caused some damage.

If you don't know any local technical wizards, get hooked up with one or more local radio clubs and see if someone with troubleshooting experience can take a look at it. Free pizza interests most hams. :-) See:

Ed Hare, W1RFI
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