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ATAS 120

Nov 15th 2016, 14:50


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Looking for a few opinions. I have a Yaesu 450D and just got an ATAS 120 for it. I am using an RV, but there is no metal to use as a ground plane like you would find on a car. Its all fiberglass. Any metal that is there is covered with a roofing material. No ladder on the back either. If I had an airstream, it would be no big deal. I don't unfortunately.

I am going to have to fabricate something using the trailer hit receiver on the back. The plan is to use the hitch to fabricate something that could hold a platform that is metal at a height that is about the same height as the top of the trailer.

Trouble is how big would this platform need to be to effectively emulate the roof of a car? Car roofs come in all sizes granted. Too large and it gets difficult to handle and adds little if anything to the antennas performance, and too little and it doesn't work right. There is a happy middle somewhere.

Also I know control instructions come through the radio to the antenna. The cable that is on it now would be plenty for a car installation. In my case I might need a bit more. Can more coax be added without causing problems to the antenna operation? Anyone ever done it? Thanks for your help everyone
Nov 15th 2016, 15:25


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This Open Roads forum discussion may give you some ideas. You may want to ask for advice on a similar forum.

Zack Lau W1VT
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