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Renewed Ham in Boston

Nov 16th 2016, 03:27


Joined: Aug 14th 2016, 14:34
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I first earned my license in 1989, encouraged by my father that was active in Amateur Radio. But after high school I became interested in other things. Eventually the license expired in 1999 and I never renewed.

Until now. I recently took my Technician exam and passed - and I requested my old call sign back - which was granted.

Now I am looking for some guidance, especially in QRP. And contesting. I was wondering if there were many hams on here that are in the Boston area. I haven't picked up any equipment yet, but the good news is, after taking a few practice exams, it seems my CW is at least 15WPM.

Dec 23rd 2016, 07:59


Joined: Aug 13th 2016, 17:47
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As far as guidance,I have none to give. Newbie here too.

But 15 WPM! whats's great. Wow, I am struggling to get 10 WPM.

I took and passed a Novice 5 WPM test in '86 and that seemed to help me getting up to about 5 WPM recently. To go faster (copying) is difficult at this age.

Dec 27th 2016, 16:44


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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For QRP there are a number of active organizations. One such is the Four State QRP Group. Anyone from anywhere can get involved and buy the offered kits, if interested.

As for contesting, the best thing to do is jump in. I'm not sure if you qualify as a "rookie", but you might want to investigate the ARRL Rookie Roundup set of events staged throughout the year as a starting point. Another good starting point is your state's QSO Party, if it has one, where you can hone your craft. QSO Parties are generally far more relaxed affairs than the major contests and are a good introduction to such events.

73, Nate

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