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Short vertical built for one frequency

Jan 16th 2017, 15:29


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Hi, and thank you in advance for taking a look at this post. I've come a long way since my first post, but still learning a ton. I'm not great with antenna theory, and haven't been able to locate information about my question.

Scenario: a friend and I each have a 40m Pixie radio set for 7.023 - 7.026mhz. We are both General class, and want to work in the 7.026 frequency to practice our CW code. We will be on a university campus, and sometimes in the same building. We should like an extra short antenna for these.

I know there are shorty stub antennas manufactured for other bands. But I don't fully understand the theory behind it. Essentially we would want to build a short antenna that is resonant at 7.026 and only that frequency. I am assuming that since we don't need to cover and entire band, this would make this possible.

Anyone have information, websites, or plans to make this happen? We have access to a wireless engineering lab on campus, and will be able to fully test the antennas before using them.

Jan 16th 2017, 15:51


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This classic article by Jerry W2FMI has very useful experimental data for designing short vertical antennas.

Zack W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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