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Jul 31st 2017, 18:49


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I just want to share my experience with a recent install of the ATAS-120A and FT-857D in my Ford F250 Super Cab truck. The vehicle is a 2004 diesel model with low mileage. I decided the best place to put the antenna was on the roof of the cab. So I used a Breedlove 3" puck mount for the antenna. Dropping passenger side of the headliner was pretty easy. I brushed down to clean metal on the underside before installing the mount. I also put a thin layer of silicone grease (waterproof) on both sides of the rubber washer before tightening the whole assembly. Just a tiny bit around the base of the connector stubbing from the puck. I have seen water leak in to pretty much anywhere so I want to give myself the best advantage I can. The coax and #6 ground wire from lug on the mount run down the passenger side windshield pillar. I'm using LMR-240 since the length of run is pretty short. The ground wire goes directly to the ground terminal on driver side battery. Power is also tied directly to same battery. I'm using a duplexer and it sits behind the trash bag holder/cover. The install is completely clean with not a single wire in sight. Just the radio mounted under dash.

After the basic tests for continuity, no opens or shorts, I used a AA-600 analyzer check SWR across the entire range of analyzer. Of course SWR was high in the lower bands since the antenna was fully retracted but on 2m and 70cm it was well below 2:1 and if I recall below 1.5:1.

I've done a bit of transmission testing on the 6 meter band and so far it is working at 20 miles from my house (QH).

I've read reviews on this antenna and it seems to get a bad rap but so far it is working just like it is supposed to for me. Also, I don't have any noise or interference with the truck electronics but one thing I notice is when I am stationary in park with engine running, when I key the mic (xmt) the diesel engine gets a bit quieter. I don't know if it is the alternator coming online or something but it doesn't affect the idle or normal operation of the vehicle.

As time goes by and I use it more if anything good or bad happens I can post an update.

That is all.


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