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Mobile whip used as base station antenna

Oct 17th 2017, 01:49


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I've recently moved to Anchorage, Alaska, and it is "condo-city". I'm in a condo and, of course, that means no poles outside of any kind (I may pursue the flagpole idea in the future!). I also have only a 16' X 16' deck which serves as my backyard and which cuts down seriously on the length of any radials I'd like to install. I've always assumed that the metal in the car's body served as the ground plane for mobile whip antennas and wonder what disadvantages I would find if I used a section of metal (say, ten foot by ten foot) that would fit under the deck and which would act as a ground plane similar to a car's body. I could also lay down metal fencing tied together with copper wire and attached to three or four copper ground rods driven into the ground.
Does anyone have any experience using mobile whips as base station vertical antennas? Any thoughts or suggestions on my ideas would be greatly appreciated. 73, Pete
Dec 24th 2017, 15:16


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Chicken wire mesh makes an amazing ground screen and since it is galvanized you can solder to it. It comes in several roll widths so you if you can get underneath the deck you can build a 16ft x 16ft square and staple it to the deck joists. Put a ground rod at each corner and run a #12 copper wire back to your tuner. You'll be surprised how much it helps!

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