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Output power

Oct 18th 2017, 04:41


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I have 2 transceivers: a FT890 and and a KENWOOD TS 590(the older model ) and I believe the pep SSB is too low on the 590 as compared with the FT 890. To check, this, I connected a scope across the dummy load connected to the rigs. I then put out a full 100 W CW ( ALC indicated ) carrier and let it display from top to botton on the screen and compared it with a SSB signal driven into ALC. Result: The 890 showed the same peak value across the screen for SSB and CW - but the 590 did not. I cannot remember the exact value right now but maybe 60 or 70% of full scale.

As I have received doubts about the way I measured my question here is: did I right?

73s de Hans SM5KI 59 years on SSB
Oct 18th 2017, 18:55


Super Moderator

Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Yes, they should all read the same on the scope, if the PEP output is the same, assuming that all radios are on the same frequency.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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