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Teaching the "over" and "out" prowords

Apr 29th 2018, 16:27


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I can't find a suitable forum for this topic so I'm posting here.

I teach ham and Civil Air Patrol radio classes or presentations. Even though people can't keep all the "rules" in mind and use prowords "perfectly" in conversations, I would like to teach them correctly so operators will get off to a good start.

Are there sample voice conversations somewhere on the site that show correct proword use?

One situation I have a question about is with "out". Say W1A and K2Z are conversing, and W1A judges that the conversation is complete and isn't expecting a response. So she says: "K2Z this is W1A out."

If K2Z had signed during his last transmission, he wouldn't need to send anything. Only if K2Z hadn't signed during his last transmission would he need to send "K2Z out".

Have I got that right?

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