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ARRL Director Elections

Oct 17th 2018, 08:23


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It is amazing to me that a forum for the American Radio Relay League has no discussion group about its internal governance. We elect the members of our board, and it is the members who should direct the actions of the board through their elected representatives.

This year, there are five contested director elections. In no time in ARRL history has this ever happened.

There is much controversy about specific board actions. Members should evaluate on their own how they feel and vote appropriately. We can only work as a representative organization if we are truly represented.

In that regard,, I call to your attention some publicly available information.

This is a letter from central division director Kermit Carlson, concerning the censure of Director Dick Norton, N6AA.

The following documents are from John Crovelli, W2GD, in response to the public claims director Carlson had made:

I am not disparaging anyone here. Sunlight is the best medicine. I hope the editors of this ARRL forum have an open mind and are on the side of transparency.


Gerry Hull, W1VE
Ex HQ Staff, '80 -'83

Oct 17th 2018, 09:44


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Thanks for posting this Gerry! It is very concerning to me as a member of over 40 years that the swamp has invaded Newington. Many probably do not know that Board has hired an attorney that is not even licensed in the State where the League is located. The Board is veiled in secrecy, why? It is time for open public meetings so that the members can decide for themselves what is going on. W0MU
Oct 17th 2018, 10:47


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Exactly. Here's a direct quote from retiring director Jim Page, K7DEX. Look at how he treats his hand-picked successors, and then speaks about Michael Ritz, W7VO, the challenger. I invite members to check the claims out before making their vote.

"June 10: Well, it is time; I have announced my retirement as of December 31, 2018, from my position as Director of the NW Division. It has been a great time but now time to actually use my Ham Radio Equipment on the air :)

​Hopefully succeeding me as Director will be Bonnie Altus AB7ZQ, who has served as Vice Director for these years. Bonnie has served on various committees including the Program & Services Committee, and has represented Ham Radio and ARRL with distinction.

Running for Vice Director is Mark Tharp, KB7HDX, the current Eastern Washington Section Manager. Mark has served the ARRL and Ham Radio for many years and will be an excellent asset for Bonnie and great member of the Vice Director Corps.

Both Bonnie and Mark have extensive Field Organization experience and a working knowledge of the ARRL. Bonnie's opponent has a limited understanding and experience in ARRL operations. Although he is a very well known DX and Contest participant, his knowledge and experience with the ARRL is quite limited and he has some very misguided and mistaken information that is being spread throughout the country. I will admit that I was honored that he felt he needed to spend a great deal of money (so he started a GoFundMe account) for his campaign, in order to defeat me before he knew I wasn't running. I had no idea that I was that influential.

At this point, no one has been declared eligible to run as a candidate. The call for petitions has just been published in QST. Candidates will be screened and declared soon.

As stated W7VO is running with a complete lack of experience in ARRL management, as he has never held an elected office in any part of the organization. Yes, he is a good contester and DX chaser, as many are, but the amount of money you spend on equipment is not a skill set that is needed in the board room. I support and will be campaigning for Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ, to become the next Director of the NW Division and Mark Tharp, KB7HDX to become the next Vice Director. Both Bonnie and Mark have the internal management experience and have served in various ARRL appointed and elected positions.

One of the biggest complaints of W7VO, has to do with the censure of N6AA, another well known contester and DX chaser. I believe that if anyone outside of the contest/DX community had been censured, W7VO would have said nothing. As it is, N6AA was censured - not for one act, but years of personal attacks on board members, officers and ARRL staff. The public censure was not the first corrective action that the board had taken against N6AA, which W7VO refuses to acknowledge.

N6AA has a history personal attacks on board members and ARRL Staff. His disruptions in meetings have gotten worse over the years. He has been cautioned over and over, but refuses to mitigate his actions. W7VO claims that we the board have refused to give the details of the censure, but in fact it is N6AA who has refused to allow us to release the details from executive sessions dealing with his behavior. The censure vote was 11 for, 3 against and 1 abstention. Obviously, the majority of the Board felt N6AA was in the wrong.

The ARRL does not have secret meetings! There is no secret party vs transparency party in the board room. N6AA disrupted a previous meeting for 40 minutes to complain about a $300 annual expenditure, while he kept silent on a $7,000 over run of a Division Expense. W7VO supports N6AA?"

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