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Change ARRL email forwarding address?

Jun 8th, 14:37


Joined: Feb 13th 2023, 21:39
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I have tried the email forwarding option with no success. I originally joined in 2/23 and after a couple months trying gave up. Renewing my Membership this month I have tried again for over a week and still no luck. I have followed the instructions provided by W1VT and can not get an email forwarded from using an email account other than my "Main" email in my account. I also do not understand this sentence, "please keep in mind your e-mail alias will still be and not"
My username is K9CBB so can someone CONFIRM that my email address I should send an email to would be Again, using an alternate email account/address I've attempted to send an email to with hopes it would forward to my "Main" email address I have in my Contact Information.
I just can not understand why it doesn't work and what I am doing wrong.
It would be very much appreciated if someone could provide detailed instructions other than what has been posted. I really don't think I'm that clueless to figure this out. Thank you from Indiana.

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