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Pacemaker and power supplies

Mar 22nd 2019, 13:38


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I have a new pacemaker and need help on where to put the linear power supply, or do I change to a switching power supply? And how far away from the transceiver should I place the power supply?
Mar 23rd 2019, 13:16


Joined: Dec 15th 2018, 20:55
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I would think the linear power supply would be cleaner than a switching power supply. I really don't think you'll have any problems from the power supply. I would be more concerned with rf in the shack from your transmitter(s) affecting the pacemaker.
Mar 27th 2019, 14:04


Joined: Jul 16th 2017, 08:15
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Have your cardio Doc contact the pace maker manufacturer, and arrange a meet for you and a field rep at the hospital or ??.

I declined getting a pace maker for a couple years, simply because I use both stick and wire welders which generate LOTS of noise and magnetic fields.

My cardio Doc finally arranged a consultation with a field rep at the hospital, and all my "issues" were addressed in 5 minutes. I've had my unit for 5 years now with essentially no limitations for either hobby.

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