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Attic or yard?

Apr 4th 2019, 11:47


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HOA has restriction an antenna that transmits cannot be over 7 feet high in back yard. I live in a 2 story home with an attic having 10 feet high available with no obstructions to speak of. Wanting antenna for HF. I have 2 questions.

1. So in general would I be better off to start with an antenna in the back year limited to 7 feet tall from the ground or an antenna in the attic?
2. Do you have a recommendation of the best antenna for the location that is best under these restrictions?

I am new to this world. Thank you for any comment to help me with my first setup.
Apr 4th 2019, 13:32


Super Moderator

Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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How about a receive antenna in the back yard and a transmitting antenna in the attic? An antenna in the attic is likely to receive interference from nearby electrical and electronic devices.
An All-Band Attic Antenna
Kai Siwiak, KE4PT, describes how to make an effective inverted L with an Icom AH-4 autotuner. QST October 2007 pp. 33-37.

You can try the attic antenna first and look into receive antennas if you find that reception is poor despite being able to get out well.

Zak Lau W1VT
ARRLSenior Lab Engineer

Apr 4th 2019, 16:43


Joined: Mar 27th 2019, 06:44
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Thanks. I did not know I could have a receive antenna and a transmit antenna. I may just try the antenna in the attic first as my ham shack will be on the 2nd floor and all I would need to run coxal cable would be about 20 to 30 feet.

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