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Best way to pass lines through the garage wall?

Apr 24th 2019, 22:59


Joined: Sep 9th 2009, 13:36
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I'm currently passing my feed out the open garage door when I use it and I'd like a permanent, weather tight way to pass lines from the garage to the outside world.

Any suggestions for how to do that nicely?


Apr 25th 2019, 17:33


Joined: Nov 7th 2014, 13:42
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It would help ,to know the type of construction of the building... concrete block, wood frame etc. .But I do know they make PL-259 Female-Female extensions(many lengths), just for wall transfers. Check ARRL vendors (like MFJ, and others), for some choices. Good luck, 73
May 22nd 2019, 07:36


Joined: Mar 25th 2019, 00:52
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Go to the MFJ website and check out Part #MFJ-4612.
These are weatherproof pass through plates for wiring and coax. They have several varieties with different numbers of usable holes.


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