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How close is too close?

Jun 22nd 2019, 08:26


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I have 2 questions, but I will post the other separately. I have a av 18vs Hygain. Vertical. Seems to be great. I have it 10 feet up and Grounded with two large copper insulation cables from the Antenna mounting bracket weaved through the inside of the mast pipe, (Fence Top Rail), down and grounded securely to the 8ft Grounding rod, with the mast it self also over that and also mounted to the Grounding rod.
at this point I am not using radials. (yet). transmitter is a Kenwood TS 520. The antenna is located just on the other side of the outside wall of my ham shack, and up 10 feet. I dont want to over expose myself to RF from the this considered too close? I became a ham at age 16 and I am 61 now, I never worried about that before but these day there are much talk about this? Each ground Cable is AWG no 6 bolted to the two U bolts on Antenna, and at bottom an securely clamped tight at Grounding rod.

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