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duplex vs diplex

Jul 17th 2019, 06:06


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If I missed an answer in my search - please direct me to it.
I want to use a single dual band antenna for 2 different radios - 1 UHF and 1 VHF. Both may be tx at the same time. Do I use a duplexer or diplexer to connect both radios to one antenna lead?
Internet searches point me in both directions as do sales people at different "big name" ham radio outlets. Some say they are same thing.
Jul 17th 2019, 09:45


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First... Diplexers versus Duplexers.
Uninformed people sometimes get the two confused and call a diplexer a duplexer, and vice versa. This is becaue the manufacturers (like NCG / Comet in particular), use the term duplexer on their diplexer products. Comet really needs to use the proper term.

A diplexer (or triplexer or quadplexer), is a bandpass filtering unit, usually L-C based, that allows multiple transmitters, or receivers on different bands to use a single feedline, antenna, or both. The generic term is diplexer (di=2, two bands / three connectors), but you may hear folks use the term diplexer (or duplexer) to refer to a triplexer (tri=3, three bands / four connectors) or a quadplexer (quad=4, four bands / five connectors.
...Duplexers are in-band units that are made from multiple cavities, so therefore we need to know a little about cavities.....
Jul 17th 2019, 10:01


Joined: Oct 11th 2014, 23:37
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Thank you W1VT for the reply and the link. And I see the author expresses his opinion about "ham grade" diplexers. Back to the drawing board. Again, thanks.

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