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Metal plate for a ground plane on asphalt?

Aug 31st 2019, 13:03


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I am considering buying a property whose small lot is mostly covered in asphalt. I can install a ground rod in the earth, with a box for connections at the rod, but there is almost no space for setting up a ground-mounted antenna.

My current (quite satisfactory) installation uses a large piece of sheet metal as a ground plane on a flat roof, up about 40 feet. I have a vertical screwdriver antenna mounted on an old cable antenna mount sitting on the sheet metal, with good ground connections to the sheet metal. The outer braid on the coax cable connects the ground plane/antenna to a ground rod at a connection box on the earth. I'm thinking I might be able to use a similar setup on the asphalt yard of the new house, with the ground plane connected to the ground-mounted connector box, as it is now.

Would this work? I'm assuming that I can't use radials on the asphalt.

Thank you for your advice!


Aug 31st 2019, 21:29


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This article mentions a test over asphalt that suggests it may work.

I have radials just five feet above my yard. Radials at much lower heights can create a safety hazard as people may trip over them.
Sep 1st 2019, 16:50


Joined: Nov 7th 2008, 14:02
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Thanks, W1VT! It looks like it's at least worth a try.

I have considered radials, but in my research it appears that many folks recommend burying radials, which is not an option for me, and I don't want to set them where they can be tripped over.

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