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600 meter band question

Oct 31st 2019, 16:36


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On the 600 meter band can I operate portable if I clear the position with the utilities utc website? I have read that mobile operation is not allowed but my understanding of the FCC regulations do not seem to preclude portable operation as long as the proposed location is cleared with the utc website. Am I correct? I have been developing narcolepsy caused by reading fcc publications and need assistance on this point.

If portable operation is allowed, I plan to operate portable at Padre Island, Texas, next week. I also used google earth to find the latitude longitude of the campground for clearance with the utc. They have not objected to the position and I have not heard anything from them in the last 2 months.
Nov 1st 2019, 08:00


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We will allow temporary fixed use at sites that meet our technical rules and follow our notification requirements.In other words, the location of the amateur station must not be located within one kilometer of PLC systems and its operations must be in accordance with Part 97 rules.
see page 8

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