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proper grounding and bonding to avoid electrical noise

Nov 30th 2019, 18:24


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What other steps should i take to reduce/eliminate noise in receiver? I have put ferrite tyroids on all power cables, single point grounding from equipment, 3 8'ground rods on three sides of house and bonded all together, and pretty much ferrite beads on all power and speaker cords. was on 40m tonight and seemed there was much more noise level than I have had in the past. Was it just the band or something else?
Nov 30th 2019, 21:10


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You may have a local noise source. It may be worthwhile to shut off the mains breaker while powering the receiver off a battery to see if the noise level changes. It is possible to have multiple noise sources on multiple circuits, so it may be worth the hassle of flipping the main breaker.
NK7Z describes how to use an SDR to characterize noise sources.

Zak W1VT
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