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Ideas for an Antenna in an Apartment with Aluminum Siding

Feb 1st 2020, 14:48


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Hello Everybody,

I am wondering if anybody has any ideas of what I can do to get on the air (HF).

I reside in a first floor apartment that has Aluminum siding, so the apartment is basically a Farady cage.

There is a balcony on the north side of the apartment. It has a wall about 5 feet high that faces North. The ceiling is about 8 feet high. The area of the balcony measures about 11 ft x 5 ft.

I have a vertical on the balcony. It consists of an MFJ-1979 collapsible 17 ft antenna plus a Wolf River Coils SB-1000 adjustable loading coil.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank You in advance

Best Regards and 73's


With this connected to the radio, I do not hear any signals. I think I might be hearing something in the noise, but I am not sure.

Residing in the Denver, CO area, I cannot pick up WWV. Being so close, I would think that I should at least pick this up, but I do not.
Feb 2nd 2020, 14:27


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It is a very bad sign when you can't hear anything.

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